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 Professional vs Do-It-Yourself Upholstery Cleaning Hollywood FL….Which is The Best?

upholstery cleaning hollywood floridaIf you are planning to clean your upholstery and vacillating between hiring a professional cleaner company versus doing it yourself, then know that the choice between the two should really depend on the kind of cleaning your upholstery requires. For superficial and smaller surface stains, cleaning on your own may work but if the stains are deeper, older or spread over a larger surface area, then cleaning yourself can prove to be a costly mistake that may not have any recourse. Other than discarding your precious furniture, you may not have a choice left. Besides this important consideration, there are a few other factors that may help you in making an informed decision for your Hollywood Florida upholstery cleaning.

The Material of the Upholstery – The different types of fibres used in making the upholstery material should determine the type of cleaning required. PVC or leather upholstery may not require too much upkeep in the initial few years, other than a thorough cleaning with a damp cloth or with suitable cleansers. Fabrics like silk, satin, fine and printed cotton may lose their color if cleaned with regular household cleaners. Professional upholstery cleaning every couple of years is a better bet to keep your upholstery looking new.

Nature of the Stains – Upholstery stains can be difficult to clean if you do not know precisely which cleansing product to use. Sweat and water stains over time can be as damaging as coffee or wine stains. Each upholstery fabric requires a different type of cleaning agent as well as specific knowledge of the time for which that the fabric needs to be exposed to the cleansing solutions. Unless you take meticulous care while upholstery cleaning, you can damage the upholstery permanently. In such case taking the help of professionals is an advantageous option.

The Type of Furniture – Fabric upholstered sofas or designer headboards may pose a challenge to cleaning. Difficult-to-reach folds and nooks may also not be convenient to clean with water-based solutions because they may retain water if unevenly dried and mar the design. Professional cleaners have the machinery as well the technical expertise to clean all types of upholstery and would do a more exhaustive job compared to D-I-Y efforts.


Rental machines for at-home efforts are efficient enough to clean the surface stains as well as minor odors but professional cleaners are a must for the intensive cleansing needs of your upholstery. It is also advisable to go with the professional services to maintain your furniture unless you have a comprehensive understanding of the type of cleaning required for your particular type of upholstery. Professional cleaning might be more expensive than at-home cleaners but it will enhance the life of your furniture considerably.


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