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A Professional’s Advice On The Proper Way To Clean Your Area Rugs

area rug cleaning hollywood flArea rugs add warmth to your living space besides giving it a definition. If used creatively, area rugs not only add color and a sense of homeliness to your home but they also show off your sense of style. Though they look lovely and are popular in modern decors, they suffer continuous wear and tear due to the foot traffic, pets droppings and occasional spills. Maintaining them can be tough though it is not impossible. Here we give you a few professional pointers on how you can do your area rug cleaning Hollywood Florida to prevent the premature ageing of the rugs.


Vacuum Regularly. Since area rugs trap dirt and dust irrespective of the area that they cover, they should be vacuumed regularly to keep them clean. Vacuum the front and the backside of the rugs daily to loosen the trap dust which can get easily trapped in the weave of the rug. Look for a soft suction brush that dislodges the dust without tearing the fabric of your rug. Smaller rugs can be shaken first to get rid of excessive dust before vacuuming.


Blot Any Spill Immediately. Whether it is water, wine or coffee, any spill on the area rug needs to be blotted immediately with a clean towel or thick cloth. Do not rub the stain, instead gently blot it as rubbing can spread the stain and make the spill go deeper into the fabric. Repeat the process for a thorough area rug cleaning until the entire liquid has been blotted and then dry the area. You can also use a damp towel to lighten the stain, but make sure that the area is dried as quickly as possible.


Observe Caution While Using a Cleaning Solution. Most area rugs come with care instruction generally stitched to the back of the rug. Read the instructions carefully and follow the recommended method of area rug cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals on rugs as they can affect the color and fray the fabric. If a chemical solution has to be used, do a spot test in a corner as a precautionary measure before trying it on the entire rug. Store-bought carpet shampoos and cleaners may not be the best cleaning solutions so proceed with care.


Deep Professional Cleaning. Once or twice in an year, the area rugs should be given for professional cleaning so that they can be thoroughly cleaned. This is especially important if you have pets at home or if someone at your home smokes. Dust, dirt and liquids trapped inside the area rugs can cause mold and mildews which can affect everyone’s health at home. Professional chemical cleaning will ensure that the rugs are properly cleaned and dried depending on their fabric and condition, before adorning your home again. This will also enhance the life of your rugs.


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