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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Hollywood Florida

Keep Your Business Looking Great With Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

commercial carpet cleaners in hollywoodCarpets are probably the most abused parts of your office furniture because thousands of people literally walk over them every month! Irrespective of how many times per week your cleaners clean them, they are bound to show wear and tear over time. Each visitor to your place of business will bring in dust and grime as he/she walks in and therefore those carpets will require professional care.

With our commercial carpet cleaning Hollywood FL services, you can ensure that your carpets always look well-maintained. Properly maintained carpets are not just visually pleasing, but they can also enhance the overall look of your office decor and keep the pollutants at bay.

Commercial carpet cleaning services may involve the dry carpet cleaning or the steam cleaning methods depending on your preference and your cleaning needs. Your expensive carpets will need regular upkeep and the type of fabric used in the carpet helps us determine which type of cleaning works best for you. It is a generally held misconception among many business owners that in the first few years, the carpets do not require thorough cleaning, but our experience says otherwise. If you use Hollywood Florida commercial carpet cleaning services from the first year itself, you can keep your carpets looking new for many years to come. Regular cleaning guards the carpets against dust, grime, dirt, stains and mold.

Steam cleaning, unlike the name suggests does not really use steam. A spray of hot water mixed with industrial carpet cleaning liquid is used to wash the stains out of the carpet and then the water is simultaneously vacuumed along with the dirt and dust which would have been otherwise impossible to clean. This method is recommended by most carpet manufacturers because it can effectively clean deep into the fabric without really affecting the quality of the carpet. Our commercial carpet cleaning services use professional equipment to ensure that the cleaning is thorough as well as efficient.

Dry cleaning is a still more effective method of cleaning because it uses dry compounds to clean the carpets and so the drying time of the carpet is minimized. It is a faster and less labor intensive method when compared to steam cleaning. While dry cleaning the carpet, we use some pre-treatments to loosen the dirt and grime which can then be cleaned rapidly. Dry cleaning is a more expensive method of carpet cleaning, but is preferred because it does not propagate the development of mold and mildew due to the water residue left post-drying.

Whichever method of carpet cleaning you choose, make sure that you have understood the whole process before you allow the technicians to clean your carpets. The type of cleaning should primarily depend on the fabric of your carpets and the stains, if any; our technicians will explain the entire procedure so that you can make an informed choice.


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